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The Perfect Groom’s Cake

My loving husband and I recently celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. On this special occasion, we reminisced about our beautiful wedding day. We got married in the small, evangelical church my dad has pastored for the past twenty-nine years. Over one-hundred and fifty of our friends and family members attended this memorable event. At the reception, guests dined on a variety of finger foods. One of the biggest crowd pleasers at our reception was the decadent chocolate groom’s cake. This delicious chocolate cake was decorated with two of my husband’s favorite things, trains and race cars. Are you planning an upcoming wedding? On this blog, you will discover the most popular types of cakes brides typically choose for their groom’s cake.

Breads You Can Eat Without Guilt On A Diet

Are you trying to lose weight? If so, your intake of carbohydrates (carbs) is something that you are likely tracking. Bread is a common source of carbs. This is why some people assume that they should limit or restrict themselves from eating bread so as to meet their weight loss goals, but the human body needs carbs to supply it with energy.

Restricting your carb intake may result in you feeling tired and irritable. There are a few healthy bread choices that you can try in place of refined white bread. The following are good examples of bread types that fall into the category of healthy bread.

Whole Wheat Bread

One study found that women who eat whole grains weigh less than women who consume refined grain foods. When you are shopping for whole wheat bread, it is important to pay attention to the packaging. This will aid in ensuring that you purchase whole wheat grain bread and not one of the refined wheat bread options. For example, bread that is labeled honey wheat bread is a refined option. In order to stay on track with your weight loss goals, it important to consume whole foods. 

Ezekiel Bread

This type of bread is composed of millet, wheat, spelt, lentils, barley and beans, which are all sprouted grains. This combination of ingredients contribute to its high protein content, and it aids in helping with the absorption of minerals and digestion. Ezekiel bread does not contain sugar, and keep in mind that the presence of wheat means that it is not a good option if you have gluten allergies or celiac disease. If you have any issues with gluten intolerance, opt for a gluten-free whole grain bread. 

Rye Bread 

This type of bread is a good alternative to wheat bread. Ensure you read the labels when shopping for rye bread because sometimes packaging may display rye bread, but the ingredient list may show wheat with caramel coloring, which is not authentic rye bread

Follow the recommendations made to you by your doctor regarding your consumption of bread. Also, keep in mind that portion control and calorie tracking is important even though these types of bread are healthy. 

A bread supplier is a good resource to use to learn more about whole grain and other healthy bread options. They may also be able to offer you wholesale pricing on your bread purchases, which can "trim" the expenses of your grocery bill.